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I've got IDEA agency great documentary materials 
from Carl De Rome former wonderful IDEA deejay 
+ I found deejays and did some more interviews / stories 
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... many of the former IDEA agency deejays do a lot of bla-bla-bla but no serious results visible. I mean no any informations about them entire internet (except this blog) !! Someone send me letter distributed among former IDEA deejays:

"I have not heard or had a reply of Bobby Webb for more than a year? This could be because he is ill again or that he as the IDEA website host has been told not to contact me?

When I was submitting information for the website I was told 'NOT under any circumstance to contact or give any help to YOU?' They then put a block on entering the web page unless you had a code. 

I found this strange behaviour? As you are giving publicity to their history. Obviously they think that they are somewhat special and above other jocks. I disagree with this as IDEA employed some jocks that were not very special and were at best only average. 

I do not understand why they are so against you? I have read all your available website information and think you are brilliant in what you are doing. I don't know what you have done to upset them so much? 

But just use me as a example of their stuck up attitude. I try and help and provide them with information and they are not interested because I left them to go to a different agent? A bit sad really. I don't think this is coming from Alan Lawrie or Bobby Webb but someone else in the fold."

... my comment:

I found this provacative persecution against book author and published information.

I would like to know WHO organised this ? Who warn you ? Bobby, or Alan or WHO ?? This person or people must be sick mind crazy !! and do serious SABBOTASGE against you - all IDEA former deejays !! - - - - because I did anyway what I want to do but ofcourse not as wide as I want in my book. 

There is no IDEA in my book. There is no IDEA in entire internet. IDEA means zero for history now. This is result what those crazy people did against discotheque and deejay history.

Today I'm not interested longer this theme. There is a lot other disco era pioneers ready to close cooperation as visible in my book 'table of content' http://disco-dj-history.blogspot.com/p/table-of-book-silent-records-content.html and every month something new - as your story for example :-)))))))) 

I do not care IDEA - what was one of many themes but not so much important anyway.


It is very strange and total stupid ! They do nothing for and do not want help of me - who is best person on planet Earth for today :-))))))))))

I call this (what these guys do) publicity / information - suicide.

I do work with Nile Rogers and Chic story now and next are waiting KC & Sunshine Band, Earth Wind and Fire, etc. There is soooo much to work yet :-))))))))

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I did my best to save them (IDEA DJ’s) for history BUT they are very, VERY egoistic and hard / strange to cooperate with (except a few cooperative) !!! 

They do not anything to protect the history for future generations - I mean their very small part of disco and deejay history and when I suggested that I will do it - then many of them, very bad people terribly offended, insulted me and treat as total enemy. Hard to understand why. 

Anyway I can live with this fact and do my best for disco history, because I care more than they care :-))))))))))))


In the early 70´s it was popular for restaurant / discotheque owners to hire a British disc jockey to spin the tunes. Although there were several small agencies booking disc jockeys, the two largest were: Europa Booking, run by Gerry Coard,


(International Discotheque Entertainment Agency), run by Alan Lawrie.

I.D.E.A.was originally CDA - Copenhagen Disc Jockey Agency, and was located in, what was, an old florist shop at Landskronagade 41, in Østerbro, Copenhagen, which was later to become the Sjælland office of I.D.E.A. The agency was renamed IDA after Alan started booking disc jockeys to Hotel Vic in Porsgrunn, Norway. The agency was now international !!

Alan Lawrie - owner

Alan brought "Middle of the Road" over to Denmark in 1971 (quite a scoop at the time) and following concerts with them and other bands, under the Pink Elephant logo, Alan added the "E" for entertainment…..and IDEA was born.

I.D.E.A´s headquarters were situated in a ground floor flat at Ahlmanns Alle´ 3, in the Copenhagen suburb Hellerup.

There were also three sub–booking offices:

The Sjælland (Zealand) & Sweden booking office run originally by Zed Bailey, and later by Neil McHenry, was at  I.D.A.´s old location, Landskronagade 41, stuen etage. 2100 Østerbro, Copenhagen.

The Jylland (Jutland) office was run from a record shop in Århus by Brian Laurie. The address was Gamle Munkegade 17, 8000 Århus C Tlf. (06) 19 00 24

In Norway I.D.E.A was represented by John Wisdom (aka. Johnny Scott ) in the north, with Alan booking the clubs in the south.

Contracts for countries outside Scandinavia were handled by Alan Lawrie from the head office, and at one time I.D.E.A contracted disc jockeys to 14 markets that included Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Iceland, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Holland, France, Spain, Italy, Luxembourg, Thailand and Oman.

The duration of each contract was normally a month, although this quite often was extended. Contracts were agreed by phone and sent by mail for signing and returning to I.D.E.A.

The clubs were not exactly what we knew from the U.K, some were cafeterias or pizza restaurants in the day and discos at night. The equipment varied from Garrard SP 25 decks & Citronic mixer to B&O home record players and rotary knob Pioneer mixers. The lighting was generally a bunch of pin spots with colour filters and a mirror ball. Many of the gigs started at 10pm. and finished at 5am. – 6 or 7 days a week!

The majority of venues provided the jock with a room and food, depending on where you were, food and accommodation differed immensely…..at some venues it was a room over the club & a pizza, at others. a hotel room & alacarte´ Tax was at 20% (artist’s tax) and commission to I.D.E.A. was 15%, this, together with buying records, petrol and the inevitable bar bill and “aconto /subs” meant there was not a lot of money left at the end of the gig. The Girls, the booze and the parties made it all worth while !

IDEA´s headquarters were at Ahlmann´s Alle 3, 2900 Hellerup, Copenhagen Denmark.

Ahlmann´s Alle 3 no longer exists. The flat where Alan lived, and drove IDEA from, is now merged with the neighbour building, and is now officially Ahlmann´s  Alle 5. The present owner kindly allowed us to photograph inside and outside the building here are some off those images:

By the time it took the DJ to walk up to my front door I had made up my mind and ‘interviewed him’. He was either going to join IDEA or not. From my desk in my Ahlmann’s Alle office, I had the ideal vantage point, out of the corner of my eye I looked for confidence, appearance, style, swagger smile or scowl. Whilst he was kept waiting at the front door he will have noticed me on the phone through the window. I kept him waiting, I was still on that bloody phone…this was the second part of the interview. A good ego doesn’t like being kept waiting. So he would tap the window, and a big smiley face would appear pressed up against the glass and in best Italian hand gestures "I’m here, IT’S ME, let me in!". Aha, - a personality DJ, good.

Brian Lawrie - co-owner

This was Scandinavia in the 70’s, and I was looking for communicators. Anyone who looked the part, had a sense of fun, loved music and wanted to be part of the scene had a chance. Experience was not necessary. Most DJ’s came over from England, many had radio experience or had been popular club dj’s at home, but the vast majority had either only run a mobile discotheque or simply bluffed it with a suitcase full of vinyl. I warmed to the bluffers because they had the greatest cheek. I thought if you can pull this off, you are one of us, after all, I had bluffed my way as an International DJ myself.

In the mid 60’s I left PYE records in Mitcham to join CBS Records in London (Later SONY Music) as a recording engineer. They were fun years working alongside Dave Cash & Kenny Everett, and peaking with the getting into the WHO, and Bob Dylan sessions as a tape technician. However, a few years and many Danish blonde au pairs later I found myself in Copenhagen with my suitcase of vinyl – and no money! I was tipped off that the STAR CLUB was The place to be, so I approached the manager, told him I was a Radio London DJ and was looking for work. To my horror, he believed me and presented me on stage to a packed house adding that I was a guest DJ from Radio London and would be doing a show later. What? I was petrified! 

I said to Arne Bergstrom the manager "give me three double whisky’s and I will do anything", I didn’t know at that time, he was gay and again took me at my word. (And, no I didn’t!) Three hours later, on that Friday night, packed house… I had to take over from the resident (female ‘pladevender’). When you’ve never used a microphone before you know what happens don’t you? Howling feedback, plus the shock of hearing your own voice, stumbling from gibberish to apologies you see everyone staring at you. Then you nervously burst out laughing, clap your hands put on another record and find you’ve cracked it. And at the end of the evening the manager said everyone loved it and I was hired. Moral: If you can bluff it, you don’t need qualifications.

By 1970, I was very much part of the Copenhagen night life, knew all the club owners and had become an ego tripping mini celebrity. I got regular articles in the press and magazines – it was so easy you just told them what to write and they did it (How times have changed !). I was so big headed I contacted Kaj Brun at Danmarks Radio for my own show. He referred to me Jorgen Mylius (who is still there) who invited me to join him on his show one Saturday evening. …and how he put me down. When my guest spot came, he whispered to me.."Now Alan, this is Denmark, and you have to present it in Danish…" And, I fell into the trap and ballsed it up.

I didn’t start the agency. Ib Juul Andersen, the manager of Circle Club, Copenhagen did. I was out of work, licking my wounds, feet very much back on the ground picking up odd weekend gigs here and there. Here in Denmark, and over there in Sweden. Circle Club had recently opened and changed its DJ every month. I knew the manager from my Star Club days and hung out in all the Copenhagen clubs as one did and one evening Ib Juul came over and said his DJ was a total disaster and could I get him one for the next month? I said I would try. And, phoned up Roger Twiggy Day, who had guested one month at the Circle Club a couple of months earlier and asked him. His friend Andy Rose was interested and Andy became IDEA’s first ever contracted DJ in May 1970 I think.

Ib Juul asked me for a contract. What on earth did a contract look like? I remember I wrote four lines on a A4 page, with the basic spec on it. I later paraphrased other agent’s contracts and customised them to our requirements.

Neils Wenkens was the first Danish agent to book English disc jockeys around Danish clubs but he didn’t gel with the jocks and didn’t understand them. So the first wave of English DJ’s came to IDEA via Neils, parallel to recruiting by word of mouth in England. The big personalities of the early 70’s being Mickie Lee, Paul Marshall, Tommy Kaye, Andy Rose, Golly, and many more.

DJ’s were treated more like rock stars than entertainers.

By the mid 70’s, IDEA had up to 50 clubs in Denmark alone, and 40 Hotels in Norway to supply. In its heyday, the leading markets were Denmark, Norway and Switzerland plus a regular small circuit in Germany. Sweden never allowed us work permits and Swedish jocks were so jealous of our success they blocked us out. In countries like France, Austria and Italy the night clubs were there for the taking but the pattern was integration and long residencies which was not the IDEA way of the 70’s.

Life in the 70’s was a total lifestyle. It was fun, reckless, madness and there were no limits. We mucked in, mucked out, shared beer, women, records, experiences, and many hilarious experiences. I remember one gung ho night in a quiet Danish disco where DJ’s Wally Drayton and Chris Day challenged each other to a duel. Double Jaegermeisters. I watched them. Each in turn downed a double and the first to topple over paid the bill. Bar did well that night.

I was the agent and it was a fun way of earning a living for a long time. I got to see much of the world through running the agency. I researched many clubs by phoning the local Police in different countries saying I was looking for a DJ friend of mine and could they tell me the names and phone numbers of the town’s disco and clubs so I could phone around. I would get new clubs by then phoning up and saying their club was recommended to me. Often worked. Today of course we’d use the internet and DJ’s would block email their profiles.

There was a camaraderie between the jocks, and those of us handling the bookings. Friendly rivalry between other agent’s dj’s and outrageous conspiracies to get some of their venues into our camp (We’d steal the dj for a start and re -contract him on IDEA). There was a code of behaviour handed down to new jocks on the scene. Remember the four "f’s" and you’ll be OK. Whatever you do, don’t marry ‘em. - Find Them - Feel Them - Fuck Them and Forget them. And to manage the agency, never forget the Four "C" ‘s. Get as much CASH as possible for the DJ, make sure he is Competent, Never, NEVER give CREDIT to a DJ, "My agent will pay the record bill"…How many times has that been tried? And, finally Control.

As the 70’s became the 80’s, the agency grew up and became more of a business. Most of the jocks around in the 70’s went on to Radio, Managed their own clubs or as often returned to their original trades. Local dj’s were improving all the time, and by the later 80’s Scandinavian dj’s has equal if not better opportunity that the English invasion. Just like the Wild West had its era between 1870 – 1880, English personality DJ’s dominated Scandinavia between 1970 – 1980. Everything changes. DJ’s not only stopped using vinyl years ago, CD’s are a thing of the past, and all you need now is a laptop for your gig, and plug into the house system.

I still maintain dj’s should be personalities, and many, of course are – and I have always disagreed with Tony Prince of DMC on this point. It is with tremendous affection we look back on those times and everyone who was part of them. Each and every one of us has a story to tell, and memoirs of some mad hilarious or scary moment, should we collate them and write that book?

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